Meet Stephen


Stephen Cristofori has been an agent with New York Life since 1985. He is located in Waltham, MA, and has committed himself to providing quality insurance and financial products to his clients with outstanding service. Stephen grew up as part of the New York Life family. His father, Alfred Cristofori has been an outstanding agent with New York Life for over 30 years. Early in Stephen's career his father emphasized developing long term relationships as the cornerstone of success. In addition to being an agent for New York Life Insurance Company, Stephen is also a registered representative for NYLIFE Securities LLC, 7 Fairview Cirlce, Holliston, MA 01746 (781) 398-9880, offering securities products to individuals residing in MA. Core Values

  • Seek relationships not transactions.
  • Build client relationships.
  • Do what's right in the client's best interest.
  • Help clients match money to life purpose. Money is a tool.

Standards And Goals

  • Always remember a client's time is precious.
  • Be on time. Deliver a promise and finish what is started.
  • Listen intently. Communicate clearly and suggest thoughtful product solutions and implementation strategies.

Integrity and professionalism have enabled Stephen to build a solid base of satisfied clients as well as recognition from his peers. He is a Qualifying Life Member of The Million Dollar Round Table* (2018).

*MDRT is recognized throughout the industry as the standard of excellence in life insurance sales performance.


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